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Glory of Fellowland (GoF) is a browser-based multiplayer fantasy & strategy game set in the middle-ages. Your goal is to build a glorious empire from a single small village.

Enter a world of quests and epic battles. You can cooperative with your friends, trade and establish alliances, even fight side-by-side against a common foe. You can plot the demise of your rivals, enslaving and conquering everyone who stands in your way. Come to Fellowland, build an empire and go down in history!


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Glory of Fellowland

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Nova runda yu1- Pustinjski vetrovi je počela! Za više informacija pogledajte temu na našem forumu OVDE.


fi1- Vaaralliset vuoret -pelimaailman uusi kierros! Löydät uuden kierroksen yksityiskohtaiset asetukset here.


A new in11- Promised Land realm round started! For more information please see our forum topic here.


es1- Montañas peligrosas acaba de comenzar! Para obtener más información, por favor visite nuestro tema del foro aquí.